Hye Fashion

We get it. Flood pants. Short sleeves. Midriff-baring shirts (when they weren't in-style). Basketball-related comments. Sigh. Hye Fashion’s six-foot-tall founder, Janel opened Hye Fashion in 2010 to make shopping FUN for tall women!

Our brick & mortar store served our Edmonton & area Clients for ten years! (THANK YOU!) Then in Spring of 2020, we aaalll experienced a turbulent few months (amirite?!), so like everyone, we embraced change & pivoted in a new direction! In order to survive, thrive & continue to serve you, we closed our brick & mortar store & moved fully online!

Above all else at Hye Fashion, we want you to feel amazing! We understand your unique, lengthy fashion challenges & we are here to help! You’ll find contemporary styles that fit your body & lifestyle, & we’ll teach you how to wear current trends so you can embrace your beauty!

Not every style at Hye Fashion is designed specifically for tall women, however everything has to get the stamp of approval of our tall buyers! We love offering unique styles with added length from all over the world...& we're particularly passionate about supporting Canadian designers! So even if you're not tall, we've got styles that work for you, no matter your height! ...You don't need to be tall to shop at Hye Fashion, but you can be!

Our inventory moves very quickly & we're constantly receiving new styles! The collection on our online store is curated of our tried-and-true essentials (many of them are custom-made for Hye Fashion)! If you're not seeing what you need, check us out on Facebook or Instagram, use our contact form, or email us at info@hyefashion.ca.

Thank you for shopping with Hye Fashion! We can't wait to be part of why you feel amazing! xo