Welcome to Hye Fashion - Canada's Online Destination for Tall Women's Fashion

Frequently Asked Questions

What are your Client Care Team’s Hours of Operation?

Our Client Care Team is in the office & ready to serve you:

Monday - Friday: 9am - 5pm
Holidays: Closed

We do our best to spend evenings, weekends & holidays with our families. We hope you can too! :)

Did you have a store in Edmonton?

We sure did! As times changed in the Spring of 2020 we all had to adapt to survive & thrive in our new world (& you did too)! Therefore, we pivoted Hye Fashion in an exciting new direction, in which we never planned to go! We closed our brick & mortar store & moved our focus to serving you through shopping online! We completely understand that this is not a perfect situation & it may disappoint some of our amazing Clients. For that we are truly sorry. However, we are so grateful to still be here & to be able to serve you in our new world! We are truly energized about the future!

Please stay tuned for announcements on upcoming Pop-Up Stores near you (Yes! This now means Hye Fashion might be coming to your town! Hooray!), as well as other fun events we’ve got up our sleeves (...luckily our sleeves are long so we can fit a lot in there ;))!


Can I try on before I buy?

We now operate as a fully online store. We ship from an Edmonton-based warehouse, but unfortunately, we don’t have a facility for trying on or picking up.


How tall is 'Tall'?

Oftentimes 'tall' women are considered 5'8" & taller. However, we find our beautiful Clients can require added length in the sleeve, inseam &/or torso regardless of how tall they are. So we don’t really define ‘tall’…it’s all in what fits your unique body!


Do you only carry tall clothing?

Nope. In fact, most of the tops, dresses, sweaters, skirts, capris & tunics we offer are not specifically created for tall women, but are designed in places like Canada & Denmark, where styles naturally offer added length! That’s why you don’t need to be tall to shop at Hye Fashion, but you can be!

The inseams on our pants & jeans are a minimum of 35" in length. Many of our pants are custom-made for Hye Fashion in 37" inseams & longer!


What sizes do you carry?

Terrific question! At Hye Fashion we offer sizes 4-20 in every style possible. Not everything is available in all sizes, but we certainly offer it where we can! Not sure which size to order? Please see our Size Guide here: https://hyefashion.ca/pages/size-guide


You say you offer ‘Style for every height’. Do you have clothing for petite women?

Although we don’t have a section dedicated solely to our petite Clients, we have a variety of styles that fit, no matter your height & our smaller sizes move very quickly!


How often do you get new merchandise?

Every. Dang. Day. 😊 We’ve always got new styles flowing in & out! Generally, we bring in one of each size per colour & once it's gone there is always something fresh & new to replace it! 


Do you have maternity options?

Firstly, congratulations on your new arrival! 😊 We have multiple great maternity-friendly options for you! Tops with longer length & stretch through the mid-section work fabulously for many of our Clients throughout their pregnancies!

We highly recommend our essential bamboo collection as many of our expecting Mamas wear these before, during & after pregnancy! They also work great for nursing & don’t stretch out, even when worn on a growing belly for 9 months!

While we don't carry maternity pants in stock, we can special order maternity jeans for you! Any size/style of Mavi jeans that is available on our online store can be made into maternity jeans! Rule of thumb: we suggest going with your normal pre-pregnancy size in maternity styles.

Please note that all maternity jeans are special order & as such are final sale. Please contact us directly at 780.756.9550 or Toll Free at 1.855.756.9550, or email us at info@hyefashion.ca for additional maternity inquiries.


Are you LGBTQ2+ friendly?

Absolutely! At Hye Fashion, we welcome every walk of life & background! Our Stylists are discreet & frequently welcome Clients who are in varying stages of their transitioning &/or crossdressing journey. You will always be treated with the openness & respect that we believe every person deserves. We want you to embrace your beauty, no matter who you are!


Why are some of your items expensive?

Great question! Some of our styles are custom-made for Hye Fashion! In order to get the fit just right, this means more than just adding a few inches to the bottom of pant-legs or sleeves. Instead, the entire pattern is adjusted to fit your lengthy limbs & torso! Even the fading on jeans is re-positioned to make sure you look proportioned & feel like the beautiful woman you are!

In addition to custom styles, we proudly partner with Canadian designers wherever possible! These goods are handmade by our country’s top tailors, who are paid fair wages for their talents & who carry out their work in safe working environments. With premium quality, comes a more premium price point, but you can expect these investment pieces to be timeless styles that will last & you’ll wear for seasons to come!


Returns are the worst part of shopping online. How do I make sure I get the best fit to begin with & avoid returns as much as possible?

We LOVE this question...for real! We want you to LOVE everything you get from us! Rather than going through the time, cost & hassle of trying different sizes & returning over & over again, let’s do our best to get it right the first time! Please email us at info@hyefashion.ca or reach out using the Contact Us form here on our website if you have questions about which size or style would be best for you! We’ll look at your previous purchases, measure garments, try items on, & do pretty much whatever it takes to get it right the first time!


What is your return policy?

Sometimes, no matter how hard you/we try, the items you ordered just aren't quite right. We are pretty reasonable people & we know you are too. Don’t love what your ordered? No problem! Let’s make it right! 

We will happily provide an exchange or refund for items purchased at hyefashion.ca. Returned items must be in brand new condition & have tags still attached (please don’t wear, wash, smoke in/near, let your cat sleep on, or ponder for several weeks, goods that you’d like to send back to us. Like we said, we’re pretty cool folks & we know you are too! Thanks for being you!). 

We ask that you please contact us as soon as possible to request a return authorization from Hye Fashion. Please email us at info@hyefashion.ca or fill out the Contact Us form on our website.  

**Please wait until we have confirmed your return to ship your items back to our warehouse. We SO appreciate your enthusiasm in getting your goods shipped back to us! You are awesome! We just need a teency bit of time to make arrangements with our Team & couriers to accept your package at our warehouse. Once we do, we’ll be ready with our arms open to receive your returned goods!

Please note, for hygienic reasons, undergarments, leggings & earrings are final sale (we wouldn’t want to buy these after someone else has tried them & we don’t think you would either). Items purchased at a discount & items purchased by special order are final sale & are not eligible to be returned or exchanged. If you choose store credit, it will never expire.

Return shipping is the responsibility of the customer, however if you’re exchanging for something else, your new goodies will be shipped to you for free! Hooray! 

Refunds can take up to 10 business days to appear back on your credit card.

We will always process every part of your return as speedily as we can!


What do you do with items that have been returned (you know, to make sure they’re safe)?

We want you to feel amazing & part of feeling amazing is staying safe & healthy! Returned items go through a lengthy process to ensure they’re safe & in pristine condition before becoming available for purchase again at hyefashion.ca.

This process is: once goods arrive at our warehouse, we disinfect the outside of the package. Farewell germs! We then put the package in a safe corner of our warehouse for three days to ensure any bad news bugs on the exterior of the package are negated as much as possible. After three days, we open the package (with gloves on), inspect it for damage/aforementioned cat hair/smoke, & steam the heck out of it at over 170 degrees Farenheit (to really show microbes who’s boss. Steaming also ensures the garment looks brand spankin’ new for the next person to call it their own!). At this stage we process your exchange/refund & send out your exchanged items or process your refund. Then, we let the newly-steamed item sit for another three days just to make absolutely certain that anything nefarious is no more! After that, the item goes back online & becomes available for the next lovely lady who wants to make it her own!

...sounds like overkill, doesn’t it? Frankly, we don't care. We want everything you receive from Hye Fashion to be safe & make you feel amazing in every way!


Someone bought me a gift card from your Edmonton store. Can I still use it?

Absolutely! To use the gift card that was purchased at our brick & mortar store at hyefashion.ca, please create a customer profile at hyefashion.ca (we need your first & last name, as well as your email address). Once you’re an official hyefashion.ca-fashionista, please reach out to us using the Contact Us page of our website, or by emailing us at info@hyefashion.ca. Please include the number under the barcode on the back of your gift card, as well as the amount available on your gift card (if possible). We’ll add it to your hyefashion.ca profile & let you know when it’s available for you to use at hyefashion.ca!

Rewards gift cards/promo codes can be redeemed until December 15, 2020 on regular-priced, in-stock items at hyefashion.ca (some restrictions may apply). Rewards gift cards/promo codes cannot be combined with other discounts/offers or used toward the purchase of Mystery Bags.

Please keep your gift card/promo code stowed away in a safe place as Hye Fashion is not responsible for lost or stolen gift cards/promo codes.


How much is shipping?

We ship via Canada Post because they ship to most addresses & their rates tend to be more affordable. Shipping Canada-wide is $15.

We are currently offering free delivery on orders over $150 within Edmonton city limits! Hooray! Shipping for orders under $150 within Edmonton city limits is $10. We do not offer pickup at this time. Return shipping charges are the responsibility of the customer.

We are happy to ship internationally! International customers are responsible for all shipping, handling & duty charges, including those associated with returns.

Please note, we do not recommend selecting Canada Post’s ‘Small Packet International Surface’ shipping method. Although this is the most cost-effective shipping method, it is not a tracked or insured service & orders can take up to three months to arrive.


Can I pick up my order in person?

We now operate as a fully online store. We ship from an Edmonton-based warehouse, but unfortunately, we don’t have a facility for trying on or picking up.


What happens if I have a damaged item?

Ack! Please accept our apologies! Please reach out to us with images of the damaged item, as well as the date (or approximate date) of purchase. We’ll reach out to our suppliers & ensure you’re taken care of!


I still have questions. How can I contact you?

We are all ears & want to make sure you know you’re important to us! Please reach out to us at 780.756.9550 or Toll Free at 1.855.756.9550, or by email at info@hyefashion.ca.

Our Client Care Team is in the office & ready to serve you Monday - Friday from 9am - 5pm. We try to reserve our evenings, weekends & holidays for our families & we hope you can too! We will always reply to your inquiry at our earliest opportunity during our regular hours.


Thank you so much for visiting Hye Fashion! We can’t wait to help you feel amazing…no matter your height! xo